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Annual Reed Dance

King Shaka Day

Faces of Zululand

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Zululand Eco-Adventures takes you on the kind of tour that you will never forget. We give you an insight into Zulu culture that you will talk about for the rest of your days! With us, no one is waiting for your arrival to perform. This is how it is. Experience the real thing.

Daily Tours

> King Dinizulul Township Tour: Visit the King Dinizulu Township, a creche, arts and crafts shops and different projects. R295 pp
> Zulu Village Overnight: Experience real Zulu life during an overnight stay in a rural Zululand traditional village. R495 pp
> Zulu Village Day Tour: Experience a day of contemporary Zulu life. School & Church amongst other day to day happenings. R350 pp


Weekly Tours

> Sangoma Healing Ceremony: Visit a very vibrant and colourful Woman priest (maXulu Ndwandwe) and watch her talk in tongues, listen to drums, music and great chanting. (Wednesday and Sunday afternoon) R295 pp
> Traditional Zulu Ceremonies, Zulu Weddings, Coming of Age and others: be part of a traditional Zulu ceremony as a special guest. (every Weekend) R 350 pp


Annual Celebrations

> Reed Dance: Singing and dancing, thousands of Zulu virgins deliver reed sticks to the King (September)
> King Shaka Day: A colourful and exciting celbration with the Zulu King, Royal family and all the Zulu dignatories (24th of September)
> Shembe Celebration: Thousands of faithful gather at Judea near Eshowe to honour their religious leader (October)
> Zulu Kings First Fruits Ceremony: The Zulu Monarch, King Goodwill Zwelithini, eats the first fruits and prays to God to bless the land to produce abundant good food for His people (early December)


The Zululand Outback Tour

Spend three days on a Zululand on a tour that touches the nerve of Africa. The tours are designed around what is happening in rural Zululand. Here you are as far as you have ever been from life as you know it. Zulu cultural life as it is today. Scenic beauty that you can only imagine. This Tour will alter slightly to accommodate the events taking place in the community. Travel in an area where very few tourists go.

The tour includes rural Zulu cultural life, Zulu village and marketplace, Zulu ceremonies, visit a Sangoma, Mission Station and Missionaries, upliftment projects, Tugela Valley, Mbongolwane Wetlands, Dlinza Forest Aerial Boardwalk, beautiful scenery, potters and/or beaders at work, medicinal plant growing projects, Fort Nongqayi, Zululand Historical Museum and much much more! Don't miss this unique Zulu experience!

Variation in costs depends on where you stay. Price for 3 day tour from R2450 to R3450. Includes all meals and accommodation for two nights.



Tel: 035 474 4919




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