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About Jeffrey's Bay

Jeffreys Bay was discovered by Captain Jeffreys during the 1840`s when scurvy broke out aboard his ship.
Captain Jeffreys set up a primitive port on the main beach and built Jeffreys Bays first house, a double story mansion dubbed ‘the White House’ as Captain Jeffreys` was the first white family to settle the land.

The first hotel was built in the 1850`s and named the Jeffreys Bay hotel (later renamed the Savoy Hotel). It was constructed of brick and corrugated iron.

Back in those days Jeffreys Bay was a humble fishing town. Fishing boats would depart the shores with nothing more than a 10 man row crew and tackle and dock heavily laden with cob, steenbas, redfish, and kampion. Chokka was used as bait whereas now motorboats trawl the seas after mostly chokka (octopus).

It was the waves though that put Jeffreys Bay on the international map, as it is home to the world famous Supertubes. A very fast, tubing right hand point break breaks along the west side of the bay, and is regarded as one of the best right hand point breaks in the entire world.

The discovery of Jbays famous waves is curious. Some say that in the early 60`s the nearby village St. Francis Bay was idolized for its right hand point break which inspired the cult classic “The Endless Summer”. The surfers who frequented this spot soon stumbled upon the JBay surf break which they discovered was not only faster, more powerful and hollower but also much more consistent. Another angle is that the surf legend John Whitmore a.k.a ‘the father of South African surfing’ discovered the waves while travelling through the Garden Route on a business trip in the 1950`s.

Every year Jbay hosts the Billabong Pro, a World Championship Tour event. This takes place in July and draws surfers, pro and novice, as well as spectators from all four corners of the world and is sufed by only the highest ranked surfers of the world. The event is broadcast live over the internet as well as various TV channels.

But Jeffreys Bay is more than just a surfing town, and is welcoming to anybody and everybody game for a good time.



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Cristal Cove was built by a surfer for surfers. We offer everything a traveling surfer wants. Relaxed atmosphere, a good deal of privacy with complete self catering units, and the Supertubes on your doorstep! Simply walk 120 meters to the channel (keyhole) and paddle out. Come back in to a hot shower after lovely surfing session, then chill out in the bar area and share your tales with Gary and fellow travelers.



We offer Dorms or Doulbe rooms. All rooms are part of a self catering unit, where you have your own private kitchen and lounge space. TV and video channels are available in all the rooms and flats.



We maintain a well stocked bar where you can grab a drink after an exciting day of surfing. Play a round of pool or just talk to Gary about endless waves and travels around the world.

Upstairs there's a deck with home made driftwood tables and chairs, where you can enjoy the afternoon sun, read a good book and just be in your own space.

Two supermarkets, a laundromat and a movie house are only 3 minutes walk away. If you get hungry, just stroll across the road and have a bite in one of the cafes. At Cristal Cove, you don't need a car and still you've got everyting within easy reach: Surf, Food, Drinks and lots of fun.



Jeffreys Bay is all about SURFING. The wave season runs from May until mid September, although good waves can be caught all year round.
The premier waves you'll find at Supertubes - a stone’s throw from the door of Cristal Cove! Depending on your level of expertise, there are 6 other beach breaks to chose from: Kitchen Windows, Magna Tubes, Boneyards, Impossibles, Tubes, The Point and Albatross.
An optimal size wave is considered to be about 4- 10 feet (Hawaiian scale) or 8- 20 feet wave faces.

If you're tired of suring, try a BEACH HORSE RIDE! This is a great choice for a day out. Wheter you are a champion rider or have never been face to face with a horse before - this beach ride in Papiesfontein, just outside the town of Jeffreys Bay, is a breathtaking experience for all to enjoy.



Gary, Cristal, Dave and Ciny Yosh

Tel: 042 293 2101

Cell: 079 612 7244






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