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When I find you again,
It will be in mountains;
This morning I lose you
Once more to farewell.
Free of attachment
In heart and mind
Is that why you can go
Ten thousand miles alone?
Traveling without disciples,
You have only
A white horse
For company.

- Chia Tao (779-843)

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Cornelia offers guidance, detox, organic food and fitness breakaway retreats in the serenity of Wilderness on the Garden Route.
You will be relaxing in a cottage on the heights of Wilderness surrounded by fields and fynbos. The early 1900's  structure and atmosphere of the cottage gives you a unique feeling of being in a historic place in time-gone-by.
This place of natural beauty surrounded by  forest-covered mountains will ensure that all the stress of daily life fades away as your time goes by here. The night sky is a star covered phenomenon not to be missed! So whether you want to develop your natural horsemanship practice, de~stress, get fit or re define your life goals, it's all here waiting for you.

Heal humanity's alienation from nature through holistic horsemanship and natural riding. The retreat focuses on animal spirituality and the transformational aspects of the horse-human relationship through connecting you with the horses on a personal basis. Seeing the horse-human relationship as a path to transformation and evolution breathes life into riding and communication. The primary emphasis will be on the real life lessons of riding.....the inner work and the horse's contribution to facilitating our transformation.

Accommodation and Booking your stay

You will be hosted by Cornelia who has been all over South Africa teaching both horses and humans a better way of communicating, riding and relaxing the body and soul.

Meals are cooked in a natural way with organic food from the garden and markets.
All meals are provided so that you don't need to think about a thing while you enjoy your time here.

You will be staying in the cottage with your own room and personal space, Cornelia treads lightly around while assisting and talking when the need arises.

There are daily horse riding lessons that are done with care and patience to fit with the process you will be going through.

To book you can email Cornelia on or call on: 079 8835 386





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