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Sobonana Lodge and Camping is run by Mpame Village Projects, a community development project that aims to rise the living standards in Manzamnyama village and the Mpame area.

Building the volunteer and backpackers lodge is the first step of the project. The income of the lodge will finance all the other projects in the village, such as an Early Learning Centre, a school, a sewing project, installing taps for driking water in the village, building toilets and showers and so much more!

Your stay at Sobonana Camping and Village Accommodation builds a better life in Manzamnyama!

All income goes straight back into the project.

For more information about the Mpame Village Projects click here.


Manzamnyama Village is easy to reach by car, not so easy by public transport. Please follow the instructions on the Mpame Website.



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Sobonana Camping and Village Accommodation should actually be "Sobonana Lodge" but the lodge is still under construction ... So far we have camping and village accommodation available. We are situated in Manzamnyama Village at the beautiful Wild Coast. Come and chill out in an original Xhosa community. Experience life the transkei-style, take in the wonderful beaches and scenery, and get as far away from the city as you possibly can!



The campsite is situated on a hilltop with a splendid view over the sea and a beautiful beach on either side of the hill - both within easy walking distance. There is a fireplace in the middle of the flattened camping area but you can pitch your tent anywhere on the hilltop. We have a solar heated bush shower and a compost toilet, and there's a boma area where you can chill out and read a book or just relax.


Village Accommodation

If you're up for a real life Transkei experience, try one of our village huts. You will be hosted by a local family and they prepare a traditional meal for you and include you in their daily activities. There are different huts to choose from, each part of a family compound. The amaXhosa are known for their fabulos hospitality, so don't miss out! They all speak very little English so use your hands for communication ...



There are many activities in the area: you can go swimming or snorkelling, canoing or diving or mountain biking (if you bring the gear), walking, hiking, exploring, go on a village tour, fishing, collecting mussles, horse riding, catching crayfish with the village boys (only when season) and so much more. There are also some cool 4x4 tracks around here ...



Cell: 071 485 6449




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