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Things to do
in the Drakensberg

4x4 Adventure Tours

Mountain Biking

Explore Rock Arts

Horse Riding and Pony Trekking

Trout Fishing


Accommodation in Southern Berg, Central Berg and Northern Bern
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Places to stay in the Drakensberg

Wonder into the berg and explore the magnificence of height, take a pony over to Lesotho or explore the rock castles.
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Southern Berg

Khotso Backpackers and Horse Trails

Guide No: DK2501 -::- 033 701 1502 -::- Mail:

Dont worry!! he's harmless..

Welcome to the Wild West of the Drakensberg!! Here you will find some semi crazy fantastic people who run a large horse ranch and backpackers. They will take you on the ride of your life up into Lesotho and their secret Khotso Lodge. If you were wondering where you can go snow boarding in SA then this is it for you, just make sure it's winter. Enjoy life on the farm and meet all the wonderful animals including their very friendly family horse. A great place to visit with a really warm hearted atmosphere.

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Sani Lodge Backpackers

Guide No: DK2502 -::- 033 702 0330 -::- Mail:

A really nice place on the pass up to Lesotho, there are great trips from 1 day to as long as you like. You can store your luggage if you are up in the mountains for more than just a day trip. Nice vibe and friendly people will surely make your day a wonderful one. In the evening relax next to the fire and soak up the information on Lesotho from the owners themselves. Step out into the night for a spectacular view of space and those sparkles above..

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Drakensberg International Backpackers

Guide No: DK2503 -::- 033 267 7241 -::- Mail:

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Guide No: DK2504 -::- 033 267 7225 -::- Mail:

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Central Berg

Inkosana Lodge and Trekking

Guide No: DK2505 -::- 036 4681202 -::- Mail:

A beautiful and peaceful place, mostly hidden from the backpacker route. Tours into Lesotho are available most days. A helpful guy picks you up and shuttles you for free. Great meals and beautiful hikes all around the area! There is a great kitchen for self catering and the restaurant makes delicious food. The rooms are perfect and the showers are fantastic. Take a stroll through the mountains or visit the area.

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Northern Berg

Amphitheatre Travellers Lodge and Backpackers

Guide No: DK2506 -::- 036 438 6675 -::- Mail:

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