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Lake of Stars Music Festival 09 Lake of Stars Music Festival

DJ Volunteer at Lake of Stars, Malawi

Lake of Stars, Music Festial, Volunteers, Malawi

Lake Malawi

Lake Malawi is the third largest in body of water in Africa and coveres one-fifth of the countries territory. Globally, it contains more species of fish than any other lake (10 families and about 500 species), freshwater fish, and yet unusually colourful as those in the ocean. It stretches nearly 600km from Monkey Bay in the south to the Livingston Mountains (Tanzania) in the north.

Local Food

Rats for sale in Malawi

Accommodation in Cape Mclear/Monkey Bay and Nkhata Bay
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Information: Malawi is safe and friendly destination to travel to for all types of travelers. Its main attractions are diving and snorkeling in Lake Malawi and hiking/walking through the Great Rift Valley. Dance and soccer are at the core of the culture and can be seen at social events around the country.
The country is very poor and highly populated and the people rely on farming as their main source of income and food. The country is now starting to develop an identity and national pride after a history of divisions between tribes. You would find the people friendly and welcoming while you travel through their country.

Places to stay in Malawi

Tropical Fish, Lake Malawi

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Canoe on Lake MalawiTribal Dancers, MalawiSoccer on the beach at Lake Malawi

Cape Mclear - Monkey Bay

Houses in Chembe Village, MalawiBaobab Tree, Cape Maclear, Malawi

(i) There is a supermarket and a market in Monkey Bay, although there are no banks, bureaux de change or automatic teller machines. There is an internet café and several guesthouses. The nearest ATM is in the town of Mangochi.

Gecko Lounge

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Gecko Lounge Backpackers Lodge in Cape Maclear, Malawi

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Guests chilling at Cape Maclear, MalawiGecko Lodge, MalawiSunset Monkey Bay, Malawi


Nkhata Bay

(i) There are bars, restaurants, two grocery stores, a bus station, tailor shops, a taxi rank and a market in Nkhata Bay. There is one bank, although the automated teller machine will not allow withdrawals using most foreign credit or debit cards. There is now internet access and at least one internet cafe. There are public telephones.

Big Blue Star

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